Soybean Oil

This is oil extracted from soybeans and it is used as edible oil. It also has industrial uses as resin in chemical products. Soybean oil is clean, has natural taste, and has an imperceptible odor. These attributes support and enhance the natural flavors of prepared foods.

RBD Palm Oil

This is a refined palm oil, which contain solid and liquid fractions. This oil is mainly used for deep-frying of noodles. It is use in commercial food industry as a medium of frying in bakery and confectionaries products.

RBD Palm Olein

This is purely refined and fractionated palm olein used for cooking. This oil is used as cooking oil in homes and also for industrial purpose. It does not solidified at room temperature and the flavor is pleasant.

Palm Kernel Oil

This is extraction oil from palm kernel seed, which is called crude palm kernel oil. This oil is used as edible oil, bio fuel, and soap products. It is semi solid at room temperature.