Is the solid fraction from the refined palm oil, which can be used for confectionary applications like biscuit and also used in soap production.

Palm Kernel de-oiled cake (DOC)

Is the main by-product of the palm kernel extraction process. It is highly fibrous and contains medium levels of protein. It used as a protein for animal feed.

Soybean Meal

Is the solid residue by-product from soybeans created after the oil extraction. It used as filler and a source of protein in livestock feed.

Soy Lecithin

Is a byproduct from the Soybean after the extraction of the Soybean Oil. It is used a food additive used in many processed foods such as chocolates, powdered milk, baked goods, and various other products. Its main use is as an emulsifier and stabilizer. Lecithin is used as a binder in many confectionary goods in order to bind oil and water together.